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Om dansk, eller andre sprog, tror jeg

2016.01.28 17:43 GroundedSausage Om dansk, eller andre sprog, tror jeg

So, I've been at Danish for little under a year, and so far I've been loving the hell out of it. I wanted to learn Norwegian at first, but the course hadn't come out yet at the time, so I asked myself, "Why not just do Danish and then switch over when the Norwegian course came on?"
Eh, screw it. i stuck with Danish for a hella long ass time. What this post is about is the motivation I acquired to keep up my practice and usage of the language. I don't keep streaks, although I'd like to, but what I did early on when I felt like I learned enough basic vocabulary (like half way through the tree, oh boy was I wrong) was make a post on /Denmark asking if anyone would be willing to talk with me every now and then in Danish via Skype, when they could.
I got about five respondents, and those conversations back and forth maybe lasted about two weeks with four of them. The last respondent was willing to stick it through with me, and I've segwayed my routine from Duolingo to the exchanges through him (I can honestly say he's one of my good friends now).
I know it sounds like an obvious alternative, but I haven't really seen many users on here segway into this, so i thought I'd give my two cents. It also answers the dialect question for languages like Spanish, because if you wanted to learn some Lunfardo basta boludo che asado shit, you can just go to /Argentina (/soccer?) or if you wanna learn some platano mangu cono cono cono que vaina eh la tuya stuff you can just go onto (/Dominican) and ask for someone.
I've always found internal motivation to be a coming and fleeting thing with me, and if I didn't have this guy every now and then saying "Hvordan går det?", I can guarantee you I would've forgotten all about Danish last year, just like I did with Italian and Irish when I first picked them up.
Also, if any of the language development teams go on reddit, I've only used Danish extensively, but jesus is it a good one. I read all the footnotes with every lesson, and they matter a ton. Can't thank them enough. Great elementals for eventually delving into the realm of human interaction, even when it's just through Skype (:
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