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Dating sites aren’t always that easiest to navigate, especially if you haven’t used one before. So, If you are currently using an online dating service, or planning to in the future, here are some great tips that will help you be successful at finding someone. 4 Tips For Your First Time Online Dating 'THE AUTHORITY ON ALL THINGS DATING™' 15k followers. 13k followers. THE LATEST ADVICE. How to Get Back Into the Dating Scene in a New City. Hunt Ethridge, Men's Dating. 13 Best Free Christian Dating Apps. Amber Brooks, Women's Dating. Golf online dating Travel online dating A special experience of dating over 70 How To Start A Conversation Online: 9 Useful Tips To Try 4 best tips on dating an Arab woman Dating For Disabled is an online dating service for people with disabilities. We are a community where disabled singles can find love & friendship. Dating4Disabled is the number one disabled dating site, and registration is one hundred percent free! Dating.com is the Finest Global Dating Website In The World. Connect With Local Singles And Start Your Online Dating Adventure! Enjoy Worldwide Dating with Thrilling Online Chats And More! Welcome to Dating 4 Divorced. At Dating 4 Divorced we know how painful and stressful any break up can be. How do we know? Because we've been through it too! Dating again after divorce can be exciting but at the same time very nerve racking, especially if you were together for a long time or you have children. Dating Advice 4 U was set up after researching the quality dating and relationships information available offline, then turning to the internet only to find no real advice. So naturally we decided to combine our knowledge and experiences and create the ultimate dating advice website, here Dating Advice 4 U was born! 'SimDa' Dating App Mod is one of my favorite mods by on of my favorite modders, LittleMsSam (make sure to check out her other mods too)! It allows more dating options for your sims, similar to the matchmaker in The Sims 2. Find that cute stranger you passed by in the street, or choose a random person that you just thin There are 4 predictable stages that couples experience in a dating relationship. At each stage, there is often a decision (sometimes more thoughtfully arrived at than others) to move forward or to end the relationship. Some stages take longer than others to go through and some people take much longer at each stage. Online Dating at Match.com. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love on Match.com. Match.com pioneered the Internet dating industry, launching in 1995 and today serves millions of singles in 24 countries.Match.com continues to redefine the way single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love, proving time and again that you can make love happen through online dating ...

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Dating for the dating impaired. You must be over 18! You need to have positive comment karma. Put your location in your title and tag your post with *Age [F4M]*, *Age [M4F]* or whatever you're looking for. No surveys or forms allowed: any thread linking to an external site to gather user info or data will get you banned.

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2020.09.25 18:43 VROne3D What is the exciting announcement from HP? Find out here!

What is the exciting announcement from HP? Find out here!

Exciting Times...

Hi there everyone,
I’m taking part in the VAR Global Summit on 30th September. Primarily for the HP Keynote Announcement: Driving the Next Evolution of VR. I’ve created a dedicated page on my website in order to cover the event and the questions I intend to ask HP’s Chief engineer, Chandrakant Patel. I’m also hoping to get a little more insight into their distribution dates.

September 30th - Live online

Find Out More About The Event...

Checkout my page: https://www.vrone.co.uk/vr-news/vr-ar-global-summit-hp-reverb-g2-keynotes

Your Questions Answered

I will be taking questions from anyone and will ask them on your behalf if given the chance. Post your questions HERE.
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2020.09.25 18:42 massive_epistaxis Laser ablation vs LEEP excision for high-grade changes?

I have a long history with HPV. In 2004 I had two LEEP procedures at the age of 23 to remove CIN3 from my cervix and endocervical canal. The test for HPV is positive for a non16, non18 high-risk strain. I had a pap come back ASCUS, cannot rule out high-grade changes, in February and a colposcopy in March, where again they said they cannot rule out high-grade changes. My OBGYN said that we could 'watch and wait' and do another pap in 6 months, or do laser ablation if I wished. Then Covid hit and his office was closed temporarily for procedures. I messaged him in July and he said that we could do another pap in September or go right to laser ablation. I spoke to him again this month, September, and he said that we should go straight to laser ablation if I was concerned. However, I read on UpToDate that LEEP/excision is almost always preferable to ablation, due to there being a diagnostic sample. My worries are twofold: one, should I get laser ablation or get a second opinion and perhaps get another LEEP, and also, did we wait too long from pap to treatment? My greatest worry is invasive cancer. Thank you in advance for your opinions.
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2020.09.25 18:39 alexjoseph26 Elton John Farewell Tour Dates For U.S. Rescheduled to 2022

Elton John Farewell Tour Dates For U.S. Rescheduled to 2022

Elton John farewell tour dates for the United States and Canada have finally been updated, with a resumption in 2022. The singer’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour was halted in March by the coronavirus, and now stretches all the way into 2023. European dates for the tour are scheduled to begin in September 2021.
“I’ve been enjoying my time at home with the family while the world navigates its way through the COVID pandemic. But, I really miss being on the road and performing for my beloved fans in my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour,” the singer said in a statement. “While the scientists are making great progress, we are making big plans for a return to touring that will allow us(read more.....)
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2020.09.25 18:38 alexjoseph26 Elton John Farewell Tour Dates For U.S. Rescheduled to 2022

Elton John Farewell Tour Dates For U.S. Rescheduled to 2022

Elton John farewell tour dates for the United States and Canada have finally been updated, with a resumption in 2022. The singer’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour was halted in March by the coronavirus, and now stretches all the way into 2023. European dates for the tour are scheduled to begin in September 2021.
“I’ve been enjoying my time at home with the family while the world navigates its way through the COVID pandemic. But, I really miss being on the road and performing for my beloved fans in my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour,” the singer said in a statement. “While the scientists are making great progress, we are making big plans for a return to touring that will allow us(read more....)
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2020.09.25 18:36 ZedPlays Daytona V4 116500

Dealer name: Mirotime
Factory name: Noob
Model name (& version number): Daytona 116500 904L SS Case Black Ceramic Bezel V4 Noob 1:1 Best Edition White Dial On 904L SS Bracelet SA4130
Album Links:https://imgur.com/a/SFoEjDx
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXenbDoXXoE
Index alignment: I think its misaligned at 12 to the right
Dial printing: Look good to me but the pictures makes it hard to see
Date Wheel alignment/printing: N/A
Hand Alignment: Might be a little off, the pictures aren't too clear
Bezel:Not sure
Solid End Links (SELs): Looks good
Timegrapher numbers: I believe this is Good. +8s/d, Amp: 313, Error: 0.0ms
Timegrapher video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXenbDoXXoE
Anything else you notice: No
Guys any help would be appreciated! I've been wanting this watch forever and am still a little new to this world!
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2020.09.25 18:35 Caladeutschian 25.09 - Cologne Corona Case Summary

Date: 25.09.2020 (24.09.2020 - 23.09.2020)
Total Infections in Cologne: 4,691 (4,649 - 4,596)
Current hospital patients: 49 (49 - 54)
Total deaths: 117 (118 - 118)
Currently active cases: 409 (452 - 435)
Note on Cologne deaths: The State Center for Health has corrected the number of deceased who tested positive for Covid19 today (September 25, 2020) from 118 to 117.
The incidence figure is 28.80 (32.00 - 33,30) (source: Landeszentrum Gesundheit Nordrhein-Westfalen). This means that an average of 28.80 people per 100,000 inhabitants in Cologne were infected with Corona. The limit would be reached at 50 people per 100,000 inhabitants. The number 35.00 is taken as an early warning level.
As of September 23, 2020, there are 59 confirmed cases in schools and daycare centers. In Cologne there are a total of 297 schools with 152,049 pupils; 685 daycare centers with 41,986 daycare children and 918 day care workers; and large day care centers who care for 3,397 children.
Data taken from Corona-Virus in Köln, where historical data is also available in German.
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2020.09.25 18:32 drfusterenstein file renaming and moving scripting with MusicBrainz

hi there, I'm wanting to sort out my music library so it's more sorted rather than just dumped here and there. it quite sorted well but can be sorted better. so I'm wondering if I can use MusicBrainz script (not sure if it would work with beats). to get my music in a folder structure like this
Chemical Brothers, The (or something of that nature) / (1995 or original release date) Exit Planet Dust [16-bit 44.1 kHz CDrip or how the media was obtained eg web, vinyl etc (If a better quality is available so if vinyl available and music is 16bit 44.1khz or lower then add the words Better Quality Available)] (catalogue number of original media eg XDUSTCD1) / then filenames such as The Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats.flac 
although I don't know whether to add track numbers to the start of file names or something.
however, for multidisc albums, I'm not sure how I would add a Disc1 and Disc2 folder if what I'm tagging is multi-disc. but I would also want to make sure any log files which would be .log, .txt would go in disc1 and disc2 respectively and for single albums, the log files would be moved into the album folder. I just wondering because of reading here https://www.reddit.com/musichoardecomments/eze1nc/creating_a_universal_naming_and_directory/ and thought what would that look like as MusicBrainz script. But I wanted to build on that to show additional info at a glance like track source, quality and catalogue id to be easier to search up and hopefully, plex won't get stuck reading my tracks.
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2020.09.25 18:32 pentax-k-1000 Some questions from a new Humboldtian on camping, fire bans, and community service

Hello new neighbors! I've just moved to Eureka from Idaho in search of new nature experiences, a more like minded community, and less Trump influence.
So far I love it here. Day hiking and nature spots are EVERYWHERE and so easy to find. Most of the places I've been haven't been trashed! About the only place I've seen human trash has been Samoa beach. Which brings me to my first question:
Where are the best areas to go pick up trash? What places get the most abused by humans that needs help? Are there other community service needs on the 4x4 trails here, like moving downed trees or filling pot holes in the road?
Which brings me to my second question: Where do I take my Jeep off roading to go camping?
While driving the 299 here... It seemed like 95% of the gravel roads leaving the highway had gated fences shortly down the road. This is a totally foreign experience for me as in Idaho, you can literally take any highway and the opposite is true: all the gravel roads are public land and primitive first come first serve camp sites are scattered allll across the mountains, literally thousands of camping spots within an hour or two of one another. Some even have porta potties distributed by the forest service!
IS there anything like that here? Are there at least just rough 4x4 roads I can drive down and camp at? I was born and raised in Idaho, spent my whole childhood in boy scouts, I know how to take care of the forest and clean up after myself, leaving nature in a better place than I found it. I really dislike paved campgrounds sitting there "camping" next to other people's RVs with generators and shit running. It just completely ruins the mood of being out remote in nature alone and connecting with the Earth. If you know of somewhere I can camp isolated and alone, please DM me if you don't want to share it on the Reddit.
Final question, and apologies for the long winded post... When do fire bans typically end? It seems kind of funny that fires are banned on the beach when it's literally raining. I saw what I presume was an illegal fire from campers on Samoa beach while I watched the sunset a couple nights ago (and presumably illegal camping?). I'm also seeing people living in trailers on the pull off spots of Samoa beach for multiple nights so maybe that is all just ignored by the local police?
I'm struggling to find good information Google searching. I'm finding mostly out of date posts from Lost Coast Outpost and Red Headed Black Belt that talk about exceptions for fires on Samoa in June/July that presumably don't apply now. What about a tiny propane single burner? Can I at least cook some food while camping on something like that?
Thank you very much for any replies. I appreciate your time reading this.
P.S.: If you ever see me in my Jeep around town, come say hi to me if you're wearing a mask! I would love to make some new friends that are respecting pandemic precautions. It's a pretty recognizable one of a kind Jeep so you'll know it's me xD
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2020.09.25 18:32 GiversBot /u/SerCaramel [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2020-09-25 (t3_eyojrd up 234.22 days, LONGTAIL)

SerCaramel deleted from /borrow

Active loans

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[REQ] ($120 USD) - (#Bukit Jalil City, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA) (Repay by 03/31/2020), (PayPal)

Post contents

Hello! Father left my mother and I for his mistress a month back. Waiting on a couple of jobs to get back to me so I need a little help as the bills are starting to come in. I have some income coming in via my Twitch (lol) but it would take a month or so for it to be processed into my bank acc.
I can send proof of this and anything you need to prove to you I won't ghost you! Also, the repay date is a tentative (worst case scenario). Will repay as soon as the money arrives!
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2020.09.25 18:32 sepehr93 Programmable buttons in "Gallery View" - feature request

I've been using this method to make my own flashcards in Notion for a while:
Today as I was studying my flashcards, I realized that what a handy feature it is to be able to add programmable buttons to items inside galleries. Consider the situation in which you are able to add a single button to your cards which enables you to simply increment the value of a property solely by pushing it, or you may even choose to tell the button to change the date inside one of the properties to be updated to today. The use cases are infinite. This lets users create powerful workflows inside Notion which renders many other pieces of software obsolete. If you think this feature is handy add your plus one and I also encourage you to contact them and let them know how this will transform your experience with Notion.
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2020.09.25 18:27 SailorAuddie3 PAID Study on NEWS ($150 for 2-day Online Board) US only

Take the pre-qualifying survey here:
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2020.09.25 18:19 Kip1023 Windows Stutters, sounds like a robot then reboots.

Hello, as of this month my computer has been starting to randomly freeze then restart on itself, the time it takes to have these "Fits" is getting less and less. Before I could go hours but now it's occurring roughly every hour and a half or so.
I built the computer myself and I've already ran a windows scan seeing if there are any malware or viruses. All of my drivers are up to date and I'm on the most recent Windows Version as of September 25th 2020.
My computers specs are as follows:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (Not overclocked) GPU: Gigabyte WINDFORCE OC 2070 SUPER RAM: Crucial Balastiks 16GB 3600Mhz (16, 18, 18, 38) PSU: Deepcool 700W 80+ Bronze MOBO: Gigabyte B550 DS3H
STORAGE: WD Blue 500Gb NVME M.2 SSD + Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM HDD
This is a video of what happens to the system during the fit. Apologies for the poor quality but there's a small window for me to even record this.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzkw1hFo4Ro&feature=youtu.be
I can Reinstall windows easily if needed but i'm hoping that's a last resort
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2020.09.25 18:14 pissgender I'm happy now (update)

an update to this post and this post
well after talking to some friends and taking their advice, I blocked her number and on all social media platforms.
they helped me remember the relationship with clear eyes and see all the red flags: she didn't care about me, my life, my friends, my family. when she met the people close to me she was very rude to them and barely spoke. the only thing we really bonded over was media like music and tv. she loved taking up all my attention and giving me nothing in return. she didn't give me any gifts (except 1 keychain) or flowers and didn't really appreciate the stuff I made for her and gave her. she didn't reciprocate in sex and didn't care that she didn't make me orgasm. she made me put all the effort in the relationship, like planning dates, driving us around, paying for things. she used me to the very end, where she made me take her to the weed store to buy her a new vape cart, then she went cold and broke up with me.
they helped me see she was using me for all the things I could give her. I was basically like a super uber that could make you cum, call you pretty and buy you dinner.
so I blocked her. then later on I check if she tweeted anything bc that's just how she is, and I know I'm not supposed to but I feel allowed to be curious. she tweets this BS:
"crazy how you can ‘love’ someone one day and then completely shut them out of your life the next— for being nothing but honest with you. sorry, but I call absolute bullshit on that love."
which hurt a lot to read, because I gave her so so so much and I thought I was doing everything right and she broke up with me anyway. all I did was treat her with love and kindness and this is how she sees the situation? I did something wrong?? she's the one who wanted this. she treated me like trash and expected me to what? beg for her back? I needed space and she disregarded that and was mad I put up the walls.
my friends helped me process my feelings about this and now with my vision cleared of infatuation instead of pain, I feel joy. fuck her. for using me, for expecting MORE from me even though I gave her the moon and the stars. for never giving a shit about me in the first place and pretending to love me.
I'm so excited to meet who ever MY person is. I'm so happy thinking about someone who CARES about me and my family and my friends. someone who'll give me gifts for no reason like I did for my ex, and someone who will LOVE the gifts I give them back. someone who wants to take care of me as much as I want to take care of them.
I'm so happy having time for the actual people who love me now, because this relationship made me neglect my family and friendships. I'm so happy for the good opportunities in my career that came into my life as soon as she broke my heart. I'm so happy I have the energy and time for all the things I used to do for myself. I feel so free.
if there's anything to thank her for, it's for breaking us up before we got anymore serious. because I was completely blind to her cruelty.
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2020.09.25 18:11 TardisParadox [PC] Cosmos Black Label from Cooler Master (1 of only 500 made) with all HDD caddies, GPU shroud, panels, sound proofing, etc. A £500 case ten years ago, but how much is it worth today?

Hey all, this is the case: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/1714/cooler_master_black_label_limited_edition_cosmos_chassis/index.html
This is clearly a very special item from Cooler Master given that only 500 were made (only 50 made it to the USA, presumably even less in UK etc). I can only find a handful of reviews of it, and 2 videos on YouTube (an unboxing, and a video of one smashed up in a robbery, so less than 500 then...). Only thing I could think of is if I could sell it to a YouTuber who would want it for a very classy Vista/7 period-approiporate build. Or an enthusiast. Looks to be in great shape aesthetically. Each of the 500 is individually numbered on the GPU shroud.
New this cost US$600 with a cooler and standard CM PSU. Sadly I have neither. A forum poster said he paid £500 for his in the UK at the time. It's 16.9 KG and a behemoth.
It's a standard computer case. The front panel I/O is a bit dated with USB 2.0, firewire, eSATA, but it has plenty of expansion bays behind a door. All the panels are heavy metal including the door. The back panel has sound proofing. The doors 'hinge' outwards from the base.
I would be interested in what the community reckons this case is worth. Thanks in advance. Hopefully this proves to be a more interesting price check post than most. Can't find any on eBay whatsoever.
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2020.09.25 18:05 mc945 PA Extends Tax Due Dates - Why?

PA-40 is now due 1/15/2021
RCT-101 (11/30/19 fiscal year – 2/29/20 fiscal year) is now due 2/16/2021
PA-41 (12/31/19 – 2/29/20) is now due 12/31/2020
PA-65 (12/31/19 – 2/29/20) is now due 12/15/2020
PA-20S (12/31/19 – 2/29/20) is now due 12/15/2020
Am I missing something from the IRS, or is this all pointless with the IRS keeping the same due dates?
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2020.09.25 18:04 3sysadmin3 +806 New Cases = 154,203 Total Cases in PA; +2 New Deaths = 8,081 Total Deaths in PA

+806 New Cases = 154,203 Total Cases in PA; +2 New Deaths = 8,081 Total Deaths in PA

Pennsylvania COVID-19 Update (as of 9/25/2020 at 12:00 AM):
• 806 new cases of COVID-19; 154,203 total cases in PA
• 2 new deaths; 8,081 total deaths in PA
• 1,816,397 patients tested negative to date
Worldometer - Pennsylvania
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE) - Pennsylvania
PA Department of Health on Twitter
PA Department of Health COVID-19 Home
COVID-19 dashboard/map
Early Warning Dashboard
Yesterday's County Data / Today's County Data (PDF table)
Your feedback is appreciated! If you have a suggestion for useful information that should be included in this daily update, leave a comment below. All upvoted ideas will be considered!
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2020.09.25 18:02 Iastpadawan [GB] The 'Mono' Deskmat Collection by Misobee Wave 1 launching Saturday, October 3rd!

Hello Mechmarket!
The LastPadawan team received a large amount of feedback on the designs featured during the interest check.
With that in mind, we are going to offer ALL of the colorways previously seen in the interest check, as well as some additional colorways!

Let's recap:
The 'Mono' Collection consists of a Yin and Yang design featuring Kuro/Shiro inspired logos.
We begin with our two featured designs:

Presenting "Yin"
Featuring a Kuro/Shiro inspired logo by Misobee.

Presenting "Yang"
Featuring Kuro/Shiro inspired logo by Misobee

The 'Mono' Collection also includes Yin and Yang options without the Kuro/Shiro inspired logos and 9 additional complementary color offerings based on previously released GMK keycap color palettes
Presenting our other color offerings in "The 'Mono' Collection"

For the LastPadawan Store (US) - the price will be $16.99
Proxy pricing is TBA.

GROUPBUY WAVE 1 PLANS / IMPORTANT DETAILS: October 3rd: Yin and Yang with Kuro/Shiro inspired logos will be available for groupbuy for 24 hours only. Purchases during this time are unlimited, but the Yin and Yang with Kuro/Shiro inspired logo designs will only be available during this 24 hour window. They will be offered in 700mm x 400mm x 4mm AND 900mm x 400mm x 4mm sizes. 

GROUPBUY WAVE 2 PLANS / IMPORTANT DETAILS: After the Wave 1 groupbuy ends, we will then announce the date for when Wave 2 sales featuring all of the other colorways in the collection will begin. It will be relatively soon after the closure of the Wave 1 groupbuy. 

We received a few requests for desktop and mobile wallpapers.
Please visit this page and select the appropriate resolution for your device.
Confirmed Vendors/Proxies:
Wave 1 and Wave 2:
CA - DeskHero (Proxy)
US - The LastPadawan Store

Other proxies will be added as we confirm them.

If you would like to join our Discord server, click here.
If you would like to visit our website, click here.
If you would like to visit the LastPadawan Store, click here.
If you would like to follow us on Instagram, visit us here.

Thank you for your interest and support.

<3 from The LastPadawan Team
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2020.09.25 18:01 PeaceSim My friends and I are urban explorers who break into doomsday bunkers for the super wealthy. We snuck into one my father built, and we'd be lucky if any of us escape from it alive. [Part 3]

Part 1
Part 2
I last visited a mall during an urban exploration outing about three years ago with Joe and Nicole. It was just before Nicole had met Isha, and about a year before Cheyenne had joined us.
It was the largest mall in the region, and I had fond memories of it from its last gasp as a cultural center in the early 2000s. It took my mother thirty minutes to drive me and my then two-year-old brother to it. I remember following her through the massive, snow-covered parking lot into the vast space inside.
People from all walks of life happily bustled between well-stocked stores. A Christmas tree stretched up to the wide ceiling of laminated glass. I delighted at the holiday decorations as my mother plopped me into Santa’s lap. Those were good times.
But, you’ve probably already guessed the derelict state it was in many years later when Joe, Nicole and I snuck in after dark. The factories that left for cheaper labor overseas took the local economy with them. Only a handful of third-rate stores remained, and they were on their last legs. Ceiling tiles were missing. Rubble and shattered glass lay strewn over large areas of the floor. We were there during the summer, but I’d seen pictures of snow falling through the broken overhead windows and covering where the artificial Santa set had once thrilled me.
My present surroundings went far beyond what I witnessed in 2002 and instead represented what I had only seen in movies taking place in the 80s or 90s. Or, at least, they likely did before the floor above spilled a putrid river of decomposed bodies, supplies, and hardening molten metal over its lower level.
This floor was twice as tall as the others, allowing it space for an upper and lower level connected by an escalator. The ceiling was painted light blue – a poor substitute for the sky I yearned to see – and held bright lights. Some flickered irregularly while many others, no doubt affected by the massive hole the molten metal had made in the ceiling, dangled limply and failed to function. I noticed a thin and translucent ladder-like structure extending down from the hole. Dozens of the Chindra who had fallen to B3 ran up it back to B2.
The mall’s stores sold toys, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, lingerie, electronic gear, food, tools, and plenty else. The bottom level had a merry-go-round (I think I rolled off the tarp that covers it earlier), a food court, and a video arcade in which I found myself positioned atop a claw machine. I’d never won anything from one, but Mason had once snagged a giant plush frog that he’d kept in his room through middle school.
“Hey, you!” called a chubby man. He and a curly-haired woman swam towards me through the muck. Both were dressed in grey uniforms. “We’re coming over to you!”
Well, at least not everyone here is a clone of my father. I had every reason to expect them to be hostile and prepared myself to dive back into the water and swim out of the arcade. Hopefully, Nicole and Joe had survived and would be close by.
The woman climbed out of the water and balanced herself on the glass casing of a coin pusher machine a few yards behind me. I rolled my eyes when I saw the face proudly etched into the pieces of silver within it.
The man, not finding a surface that could reliably support him, grabbed onto the top of a mini bowling machine. Their supply belts indicated they were maintenance people.
“I haven’t seen you before. You from B5?” the woman asked.
I nodded. I had access to there, so it was likely an answer that wouldn’t give away that I was an intruder who’d helped cause this mess.
“I didn’t think they let y’all out,” said the man. “The rumors I’ve been hearing are that y’all get pumped full of…well you-know-what, and they keep you on a real tight leash during the pregnancy until you deliver, and then the process starts anew. I didn’t think y’all even had access to the plaza.”
What the fuck, I thought. Oh god.
I recalled the extensive notes on my card about my physical health, and how Isha and I were both assigned to B5. Was “Med/Rep” a place for…fertile women to deliver children? The repairman’s description didn’t exactly make it sound like a mere facility to assist women in pregnancy; I had the feeling that dad’s calculations alone determined whether and when someone got “pumped full of” you-know-what.
The hunter who carried away Isha did so after checking her ID – he must have taken here there after seeing that she was assigned to it. All the more reason to get to her as soon as possible.
“Do you know what this disaster is all about?” asked the woman.
I shook my head, wanting to give up as little information as possible.
“We were here to address an issue with the overhead lighting,” said the man. “But this is absolute hell. Never seen anything like it. Good thing the mall was closed and powered off when whatever this is happened. Otherwise we’d be shocked to death.”
“I need to get back to B5,” I said. “All this flooding has disoriented me…do you know the closest way down?”
“Well, most of the hatches and the door to the main staircase won’t even open when there’s flooding,” said the man. “And, the elevator’s powered down at the moment.”
“There is a door by the restrooms upstairs,” said the woman. “It leads to a maintenance hatch down to B4. It’s on a different system and would probably still work.”
My father’s voice rang out over the intercom before I could respond.
You’re probably surprised to find yourself in this setting, Robyn. Let me give you a quick explanation. This country saw in the 80s and 90s the beauty of a free market left relatively untouched by those arrogant enough to think they should interfere with it. These shopping centers brought together people from across our society. They spawned innovation through competition. They made us wealthy and happy. So, I decided to incorporate consumer culture into Abernathy City.
The denizens of B1 and B2, back when I was still planning on using human workers, would work for a few dimes a day. In their biweekly hour of free time, they would be permitted to spend what they earned down here on the very products they put together. The academics on B4, the medical staff on B5, and the technicians on B6, who earn much more, are still to be the primary customers. Robyn, I’m so close to achieving my dream. All I need is a few more modifications for this whole facility to run like clockwork, and when it does, the plaza will be at the center of its society.
Returning to our present predicament: I’ve got good and bad news for you. First, the good news: based on the responses I’ve found online, your summary has thus far not been lacking in detail. As I said before, I haven’t read what you’ve written yet, but I look forward to reviewing it when this is over! Also, you will be delighted to hear that Mason is alive and well! And, your other friend…Elsa was it? Well, I am delighted to inform you that she’s about to begin contributing to one of the most important tasks of all in a self-sustaining society.
“What is this?” asked the man. “Who’s the boss talking about?”
I feigned confusion even as I fretted over Mason and Isha.
Now, for the bad news, continued my father. You and your friends have been a serious annoyance to me. The damage you’ve caused will take quite some time to repair. I’ve put the Chindra to work on patching up the leak you created, and they stopped the flow of water for now. But, the flood may remain in my shopping center for quite some time.
You may have noticed that the ooze produced by the Chindra has a binding quality to it that assimilates different life forms into one living entity. Well, let’s just say that I did a bit of experimenting with it to produce something that could defend this facility in a situation like this from intruders like you.
This did not sound good. I closed my backpack and tied it tightly to myself. I needed to flee, and I wanted to take my supplies with me.
I’m taking off the kid’s gloves, Robyn. It’s time for you to face your hardest test yet. I really don’t expect us to have another of these conversations. You’ve never held up well against strong adversity. It’s been fun, little bird.
“The hell was that about?” said the repair woman.
As the sound cut off, I noticed a thin red dot on the wall behind me. I followed it as it approached me and then disappeared from the wall.
“What’s that on you?” asked the woman.
I glanced down and noticed that the light now hovered on my chest. I’d seen enough movies to know what was about to happen. I dived into the filthy water and swam away as I heard two gun shots ring out.
When I surfaced at the other end of the room, the man was gone and the woman drifted lifelessly in the water. I pushed her body away from me and noticed two bullet wounds in her; the shots meant for me must have hit her instead.
“You can add poor Ms. Hershing to the list of people who’ve suffered because of you,” said my father – not from the intercom, but from the very room I was in. Was he another clone sent to kill me? “Poor Robyn. Always wanting to do good, always ending up doing harm. You got that from your mother. You certainly didn’t get that from me.”
I scanned the dimly-lit room for him. Did I see something moving near the claw machine where I’d just been stationed? The water shifted unnaturally there, and something solid glided atop it – a submachine gun with a laser sight.
A translucent face gradually turned in my direction. It was my father, but his skin resembled that of the Chindra, in that it heavily blended with the background. “Surprised to see me like this?” he said with a smile. He raised his gun.
I dived again and swam desperately for the arcade entrance as I heard the loud thuds of gunshots. Blood dispersed into the water before me as a shot meant for me hit the corpse of a man I recognized as the owner of another doomsday shelter – the one I’d spray-painted months earlier – and an old business partner of my dad’s.
I surfaced by the Merry-Go-Round, where I gripped a horse’s head for support as I treaded water. The escalator upstairs (not functioning, of course) was on the other end of the shopping concourse. I had to get up there and take the maintenance shaft down. But, it was a long way to the escalator, and the route was littered with wreckage and floating corpses. Hopefully, I could lock it behind me to at least delay this clone and the third hunter from before, if he was still alive.
A ‘thump’ sounded on the roof of the merry-go-round directly above me. “Little bird,” called my dad. He must have climbed up there and seemed to be using a flashlight to scan the area ahead of me. “I know where you’re going. And I’m not going to let you make it upstairs. You could really use a pair of wings now, couldn’t you?” He laughed.
“Boss, is that you!” cried the voice of the repair man. Dad’s flashlight shifted to where he’d waded by the entrance to a toy store. He must have fled after seeing his partner shot.
“Have you seen my daughter?” the clone asked.
This distraction would be my only chance. I knew that I swam for it, I’d never make it to the other side without being spotted. So, instead, I lay on my back, kicked off from the merry-go-round, and floated, doing my best to quietly fit in with the numerous bodies that filled the corridor and only gently kicking to keep myself moving in the right direction. It was hardly a perfect illusion, but hopefully I would avoid detection in the darkness long enough to at least put some distance between me and my dad.
“I think so, a young woman was with me in the arcade,” I head the repair man say. His voice was close; I must have drifted towards him. “Why can’t I see you, boss?”
“Where did she go?” asked my father’s clone. I brushed against another body as I glided further away, measuring the distance by the passing lights on the ceiling.
“No idea,” he said. “Where are you, exactly, boss? All I see is the flashlight.”
I drifted underneath several functioning lights that cast me in greater visibility. I tried not to shiver in the freezing water. Thankfully, my father didn’t seem to notice.
“Then you’re no use to me,” said my father.
I felt myself bump into the maintenance man. “Huh?” he said, startled. “Wait, boss, I think I found-”
Two more shots rang out. The heavy force of the man’s body crashed into me, sending me underwater.
There was no use in pretending any longer. I swam while submerged, pressing onwards despite the weight of my soaked backpack, as far as I could go. When I surfaced for air, only a few shops remained between me and the escalator.
A ring of light appeared around me only a moment later. I dived again as my dad fired. Luckily, a nearby half-eaten corpse shielded me from several shots as I swam closer to my destination. I didn’t have time to process why I recognized the corpse's faded dyed hair.
Bullets hit the water all around me again when I next surfaced. Most landed in the space between me and the stairs; he was trying to block my path. One bullet ricocheted off the wall. The next thing I remember was incredible, reverberating pain as high-pitched noise flooded my head. I grabbed at my left ear and, to my horror, discovered that part of it was missing.
Panic and shock ran through me. I hurried into the nearest store, which sold men’s clothing. I dizzily sputtered in and out of the water. The world spun around me even as I grabbed onto the dry top of a clothing rack and tried to calm myself.
“Clever girl, blending in with the dead like that,” called my father. “But not clever enough. I’m coming for you. We’re about to have a long-awaited reunion.” He was getting closer. I heard distant gunfire from upstairs; perhaps Nicole and Joe were facing a similar enemy.
I needed a place to hide; maybe I could lure him deep into the store and sneak out the way I came in while he searched for me?
I found myself against a wall. How did I even get here? What part of the store was I in? I was bleeding, a lot, and likely to get infected from exposing an open wound to the toxic substance in which I was immersed.
“I’m here, darling! Come to papa,” said my dad. The noise my wounded ear had sent into my head had diminished enough for me to understand him.
I used the wall to push myself along until I found a corridor away from the soaked clothes that filled the store. I realized I had stumbled into a series of dressing rooms. I swam to the last one and locked the door.
“You’ve got a lot working against you, Robyn. Not only am I stronger and smarter than you, but I also know how you think. You’re hiding in here, hoping to draw me in, and to then sneak out the way you entered.”
That was may plan, until my dizziness led me to corner myself. It was only a matter of time before he found me. From the sound of his voice, he was in the area by the check-out counter. I had a few moments as he looked through the store.
“I’ve read your diaries, your emails, your text messages,” he continued. “It delighted me to no end when I learned that you would make a trip out here. If you’d texted the date and time, I would have prepared a welcoming committee. Why did I spy on you like that, you may be thinking? I wanted to see if you measured up to the family name. And guess what? My early assumption was correct. You didn’t.”
I threw my drenched backpack onto a small raised surface for placing clothing as I stood on a cushioned sitting platform that extended from the changing room’s wall. I took out two objects.
“Your grades were painfully mediocre. You didn’t excel at anything – sports, hobbies, you name it. You even lacked your mother’s ability to find a superior marital partner – her only skill.” He was on the opposite side of the store now. If I wanted to escape, now was my chance. But I knew I wouldn’t make it.
“I know everything about you,” said my father. He was at the entrance to the changing area. Luckily, I had a plan. And that plan involved him coming to me.
“I know you had your first kiss with that no-good Sheldon boy after senior prom. You waited over four years after that to get laid, only to lose it in a lousy one-night stand with a guy you’d just met and never talked to again. ‘The most awkward two minutes of my life,’ you texted Nicole the next morning,” he said, in a mocking voice. “Haven’t held a guy for more than three weeks since.”
If he was trying to rile me up, he was succeeding. I’d known about the diary entries, but it pained me to realize that this monster had reviewed virtually every private correspondence I’d ever made.
“It’s no wonder you’ve ended up at a convenience store, spending your free time with a bunch of dropouts and vandals,” said my dad. He knew he’d found me. I heard him push open the door to the first of the three changing rooms. “You always were a disappointment.”
The second door opened. I put on the goggles I’d taken from the hunter earlier as I braced myself.
“I blame your mother for creating you,” taunted my dad. He was in the stall next to me, moving more slowly as he cherished the moment of impending victory before he caught up with his prey. “But after she gave me the male heir I wanted, she became useless to me. She wasn’t worth the trouble it took keep around, much less the trouble of divorcing her. Little bird, you still think, even after all that you’ve seen today, that she died in random accident, don’t you? You inherited that naiveté from her. Not from me.”
I’d never been more furious as rage coursed through my veins. Even so, I composed myself and lifted my arms.
“Our journey is at an end, Robyn,” said the clone. "I hope you've enjoyed the tour so far." He was directly in front of me; only the flimsy wooden door divided us.
I fired three times through the barrier. He made muffled screams. I heard him crash into the water. “You didn’t count on one thing, dad,” I said, kicking the door open.
My goggles saw through the camouflaged skin of my fleeing father. One of the shots had hit his gun, which drifted broken in the water, and the others had hit him. As he feebly tried to wade away, he brushed against the wall and left behind a trail of blood on its white paint as he did so.
“You’re far sicker than I ever realized,” I said as I followed him. “But I knew that you spied on me when I was younger. I knew you were lying when you said that you wouldn’t review my notes until this is over. More specifically, I’m sure the clone I’ve been talking to has been reading them and sharing their contents with you. That’s why I didn’t mention that I picked up a gun from the fallen hunter in the last update. That’s why I wrote that I was ‘unarmed and defenseless’ when I really wasn't.”
I fired a fourth shot into the back of his head. He collapsed into the water and stopped moving. I returned the pistol to where I’d kept it in my backpack.
I’d known that my dad would outgun me in a fair fight. My dad was a gun enthusiast, whereas my only experience with firearms was when Nicole helped me fire a few rounds at a makeshift shooting range the five of us had made out of several weeks’ worth of empty beer cans in my backyard. But I had a plan in case I got cornered, and, miraculously, it had worked.
As I reached the escalator, I heard the sounds of a firefight upstairs. I climbed the steps carefully, staying low and using the metal sides as cover.
I saw Nicole crouched by the front counter of a jewelry store. Her stained, sleeveless white t-shirt exposed the strong arms with which she held the shotgun she’d nabbed earlier. In the back of the store, behind a cash register, was the remaining hunter – yet another clone of my dad. Unlike the one I had just fought, he was fully-visible and didn’t seem to be ‘joined’ to any degree with the Chindra. Did they all retain my real dad’s memories and consciousness? How was that even possible?
He noticed me and let off several shotgun blasts. I ducked and covered my head as the metal around me shook violently. I heard two more shots after that, followed by Nicole’s voice.
“You can come out now, Robyn. I’m so glad you’re alive.” I emerged cautiously to find Nicole standing over the hunter’s whimpering body. “Joe and I have been in a long standoff with him. He didn’t know I was there. Your distraction was all I needed to get the drop on him. Shot him twice in the chest.” She snatched away the dying hunter’s shotgun, removed its shells, loaded some into her weapon, and slipped the rest into her backpack.
“You look like you’ve seen better days,” said Joe as he stood up from behind a sunglass stand. “But I’m glad you’re okay. That guy had me pinned down here for ages.”
“You need to get that treated,” said Nicole, motioning to my ear. She whipped out her first aid kit, removed an antibiotic ointment, and prepared a set of bandages.
“Go ahead,” whined the hunter. A pool of blood extended out from him, and he clearly had no capacity to move. “Get it over with and kill me.”
“Let me have your knife,” I said to Nicole. She looked at me blankly. “Now!” I asserted. She handed it to me. “Hold him down if he tries anything,” I ordered my friends.
I proceeded to drive the blade into the hunter’s chest between his gaping wounds. The hunter screamed in further agony. “What are you doing?” cried Joe.
“How about we make this is long and painful as possible?” I said. “Unless you answer my questions.”
“Robyn, we’re not like that-” Nicole said.
“Do you have all of my dad’s memories?”
“Yes,” croaked the clone. “Up until he last had his brain scanned on B6; about a year before the helicopter accident. After that, I have the memories of the primary clone, who you’ve been hearing on the intercom, and then my own memories once I was created from him.”
“Did you really kill my mother?"
The clone smirked. “I’ve made some mistakes in my life. One of them was waiting six years after Mason’s birth to get rid of her. I should have done it sooner.” He spit blood up at me. Anger coursed through me. I dug the knife deeper into him and twisted it.
“One more question,” I said, as his blood and saliva ran down my cheek and dripped back down onto him. “What does that clone – the ‘primary clone’ – want with Mason?”
The clone nodded through the pain of two gaping shell wounds and a knife protruding from him. “Your real father – the one who died in the crash – has been kept in the same stasis chambers used by the Chindra since the helicopter accident. He isn’t dead, just extremely close to it. The one you saw at the funeral was a clone created just to be used there as a prop.”
“What does that have to do with Mason?” I asked.
The clone eked out a gleeful smile. “Your real dad wants to resume the life he had before the accident. We’ve developed a technology to help him – one that can transfer a consciousness between bodies. Not just create a new clone, but actually cause him to experience his own life continuing in a new body. It is built around the mechanism through which the Chindra queen communicates with the rest of the Chindra.”
“The bodies have to be compatible, and compatible bodies are hard to find,” the clone continued. “They require certain physical, cognitive, and genetic commonalities, and differences in sex and gender can pose substantial obstacles in humans. So, for the time being as we continue the testing phase, we rendered the facility only accessible to those fully-compatible with him. We were soon going to begin soliciting ideal individuals using our access to medical records. If we got desperate, we would even accept someone half-compatible like you, though your father would be reluctant to try a risky procedure just to inhabit the body of an underperforming female. But, luckily, you and your friends brought an excellent candidate right to us.”
“Your father wants to take the form of the son who better resembles him and bears his name. The procedure will upgrade Mason’s current consciousness. The boy will simply be replaced by an improved version of himself: his father. Have I answered all of your questions? Can I die already?”
“Fuck all this,” said Nicole.
“Mason,” gargled the clone as he raised his head closer to me, “will grow up to be just like me. It is inevitable.”
I kicked the knife deep into him with all the force I could muster. The clone finally stopped breathing.
Joe kept saying something to try to calm me down. I didn’t – couldn’t listen. I walked clumsily in a circle before collapsing on the ground.
When I awoke, Nicole had wrapped a towel around my wet form and bandages around my ear. Joe had gathered our armaments – the shotgun, my firearm with four bullets left in it, a fire ax, and Nicole’s knife. Joe, who still had Mason’s backpack, realized it contained Mason’s key card, which will give us access to the bottom level when we needed it.
I shared with them the information I’d obtained about the service entrance to B4 and then the painful news I’d heard about where Isha had been taken. Nicole was as furious as I expected. A sense of urgency drives each of us – to get Isha, to get Mason, and to get out.
My iPad, barely operating and with a crack in its screen, buzzed, and I quickly typed this update just in case my dad (should I say ‘the primary clone’?) still has the ability to cut off the air supply if I fail to do so. Don’t worry – there are no lies or omissions this time around. I hope, dad, that you can forgive that minor deviation from my otherwise thorough notes.
Nicole, Joe, and I are heading down for Mason and Isha. We will stop at nothing, and I recommend warning anyone else still present in Abernathy City to stay the hell out of our way.
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2020.09.25 18:00 ILoveSamoyed Tips on how to avoid underperforming on the test day (as someone who bombed the May Flex but reached the target score in August)

Background: I took my first LSAT in July 2019 and got a 171 (which is exactly at my PT average then). After that, I took a long break and didn’t start studying again until January 2020. Before the May test, my PT average was around 176 — but in the actual test, I scored a 165 which is 11 points below my PT average. I knew that I got distracted by some noises coming from my upstairs neighbor during the test, but it never occurred to me that I would perform that bad. I felt like something might be wrong with my preparation and mentality, so I made some changes to my study plan and finally got a 174 in August.
Here are some tips that I think would be helpful for those who underperformed/are afraid of underperforming during the test day:
Test Prep: Quality > Quantity
Before the May test, I did around 4-5 full prep tests every week, and it’s really easy to get burnt out if you study like this. So in the month leading up to the August test, I did only one section a day on weekdays and a full PT on Saturdays. I also started to make a wrong answer journal, which I would review every Sunday. The journal included the question type of each question I got wrong, the reason why why I got it wrong, what general lesson I could learn from this mistake, and how to avoid such mistakes in the future. I found the wrong answer journal really helpful as it makes me discover that I’ve been actually making the same kind of mistakes again and again. (eg. in RC, I often mistakenly picked the choice that fits the author’s view while the question was asking for another person’s view, so I started to highlight the name in the question stem when the question is asking about sb’s point of view)
Mentality: How to stay calm down as the test day approaches/ on the test day
(btw, if you scored 10 points lower than your PT average on the real test, you may need to spend more time working on your mentality rather than the PTs )
1. Meditation
I’m a psych major, and so many papers I’ve read in class told me that meditation is really effective in calming an anxious mind. During my prep for the August test, I would listen to a 10-min meditation for test anxiety on youtube before every prep test I took (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtF0T2fPvbI). My mind was definitely clearer after the meditation. I’ve also seen some people benefiting from listening to their favorite song list -- everyone is different, and you can give both a try to see which one better helps to calm your nerve.
2. Be mentally prepared for all the unexpected things that might happen during a Flex test
Anxiety comes from uncertainty and there is more uncertainty in the a Flex test than a regular one. I’ve read so many horror stories about the proctoru experience before the May test which only made my test anxiety worse (GET OFF REDDIT BEFORE THE TEST FRIENDS). And the best strategy to cope with uncertainty is to have a plan for it (and write it down if necessary). An example would be like:
My Anxiety:What if I encounter a technical difficulty during the test?
The rational part of my mind: I would wait for 15 seconds to see whether the problem could be fixed automatically by the system. If not, I would notify the proctor and ask him/her to stop the timer. If the timer couldn’t stop and I’ve lost more than 3 minutes, I would close the window myself and contact LSAC to see whether I can reschedule to a later date. If this doesn’t work, I would just retake in October, which is not so bad as I’ll have more time to prepare.
3. Don’t panic about fluctuates in PT: the prerequisite for fixing your weakness is exposing it
One week before the May test, I had a really bad RC section where I got a -9 (while my average has been -1/-2). I panicked and became obsessed with the idea that the same thing might happen on the actual test. This definitely affected my test-day performance. The same thing happened before my August Flex too, but I tried another mindset. I treated it as a precious opportunity to learn about my weakness in RC so that I can work through them before the actual test. Fluctuations are totally normal, and don’t trip too much on this, learn from them and let them go.
4. First-time takers, if you have test anxiety, get the $45 score preview
I’ve always been an anxious test taker, and I believe part of the reason why I reached my PT average in July 2019 is that I knew I could cancel my score after seeing it (which is now called score preview and is available to all first-time test takers with $45). Having this option really made it easier for me to treat the actual test as a PT, which reduced my test anxiety a lot. People cancel for different reasons — Especially in Flex Tests, many canceled due to technical difficulties — so there is no worry that one cancel would look bad on the transcript.
5. On the test day: take your time before you hit the start the button
After the proctor signed you into the exam, it is up to you when to start it. DON’T RUSH. Take a few minutes to take some deep and slow breath. You will also be able to see what your first section is before you hit the start button based on the number of questions&description on the right side of the screen (23 = LG; 25/26 = LR; 27 = RC). Take a few minutes to remind yourself of the kinds of mistakes you’ve frequently made in this specific section and how to avoid them. Give yourself some positive self-affirmation before you hit the start button.
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2020.09.25 18:00 abusedfeels UPDATE: I (25 F) found my long-distance BF’s (32 M) reddit account and he was asking girls on r/gonewild for their snapchats so he could get explicit pics from them. Is this cheating?

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/relationships/comments/iooiox/i_25_f_found_my_longdistance_bfs_32_m_reddit/
My original post didn't get much attention, which is totally okay, but I figured I'd provide an update for anyone who was interested. I ended up leaving our apartment for a little over a week to stay with some family while I worked through things. I eventually came back and talked things over and officially ended things with him. He said some awful things to me during our break-up that make me feel like I'm some terrible, unlovable person who caused him to cheat. I know they're not true, but they still hurt. I guess I'm glad I got out of it before we got engaged/married. It would have been a lot worse to find out then. It's just hard knowing that I spent so many years with this person who I thought I was going to end up marrying.

If anyone has any advice on how to be alone for the first time and really work on themselves after a bad break-up, I would love to hear it. I'm not planning on dating again for a long time and I want to use this time to work on bettering myself. Physically, I'm a little chubby and my skin isn't good, so those are two places I'd like to start. Mentally, I'd like to learn how to love myself, since I really don't even like myself.

TLDR; ended things with cheating boyfriend. Going to focus on self-improvement for a few years and then give the whole dating thing another shot at some point in the future.
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2020.09.25 17:51 Ohanrahans The Option With Hayward Nobody Is Talking About

There has been a lot of discussion this season about both whether Hayward is going to opt-in or out, and potential ways we could utilize him in trades to change the composition of our roster. One option that isn’t discussed is trading him into another team’s open cap space (If he opts-in of course), and not trying to bring a comparable talent in return.
Before I get started on logistics there are 2 NBA rules you need to know about in terms of why I think this could be a viable option for the Celtics:
1) NBA trade exceptions
Essentially what this means is if we traded Hayward and didn’t receive a player back in return, we would generate a trade exception of about $34.3M. We would have the ability to use this trade exception for up to 1 year from the date in which this exception is generated. With how wonky the dates have been due to the shutdowns this would mean that this exception would likely span deeper into the 21-22 season than typical when these exceptions are created during most offseasons.
2) The NBA repeater tax
In the 2011 CBA the NBA established the repeater tax which essentially incurs harsher penalties on incremental dollars above the luxury tax line if a team has paid the luxury tax in 3 of the 4 previous seasons. The Celtics as it stands right now paid the tax in 18-19 and will be below the tax for this season. With our present roster construction, barring Hayward opting out and signing for ~$20 million and us trading Kanter Baynes style it’s hard to see us being below the tax next season especially if we want to use our MLE and make our lottery selection. Provided we pay the tax this year and re-sign Tatum to his max level deal we’re probably going to be taxpayers for the foreseeable future. Especially if we re-sign Hayward to an extension as a lot of people have suggested.
This creates complications with our tax bill as soon as 2022-2023. While ownership has said in the past that they’d be willing to pay the tax it’s hard to imagine they’d pay the repeater tax for multiple seasons which they’d have to seriously contemplate when thinking about extensions for Smart, Theis, and Hayward. It’s easy for us as fans to say just pay it, but COVID-19 has likely will have significant long-term revenue impacts, and those tax bills will be absolutely massive if we try to keep the team together. If the team can find a way to dodge the tax next year, combined with the fact that we didn’t pay the tax this year the team effectively resets its repeater tax timeline. Meaning the earliest we could pay the tax would be in 2024-2025 saving us 2 years of repeater tax in the process. I know this is a long way away from having to contemplate, but presumably with the Jays we have multiple years we’re going to be trying to be competitive for, and this is huge for our ability to build future rosters without having to subtract later on.
Why this could help the on-court product?
One of the common downsides of Hayward opting out and us losing him is that we lose the ability to use his salary in trades to bring in other talent which is why most people want him to opt-in. Generating the trade exception essentially punts that ability to use that salary space later on especially into the coming frenzy that will be the 2021-2022 offseason. We’d have the optionality to execute a sign and trade to get a near premium free agent, gain assets as part of a salary dump for a team trying to open up a max slot for a premium free agent, or we could look to add at the deadline next season without the complication of another team trying to match Hayward’s massive salary. Doing this both improves the likelihood we retain Smart and Theis, and boosts our optionality greatly going forward.
What are the downsides?
1) First and foremost our team likely gets worse in 2021, full stop. There really isn’t a way around this, and this would be a tough sell to the team, the fanbase, and the media. It’s complicated to explain why they’re doing this, dependent on actually using the trade exception (which doesn’t always happen), and will seem cheap.
2) I’m imagining Hayward’s representation would want some kind of guarantee that if he opts-in he won’t get traded. Thus, we’d either have to be less than truthful to him, or tell him we can’t guarantee that and hope that doesn’t influence his decision. I think given his recent injuries he’s far more likely to take the money this year, bet on himself, and hope to get paid in 2021-2022, but that is still a risk.
3) There simply aren’t that many teams with cap space. It would really have to be either the Knicks, Pistons, or Hawks. I can really only see the Hawks giving us an ok asset back for Hayward (likely one protected 1st round pick). I think all 3 would take Hayward for next to nothing. I think the Hawks are the best fit because Hayward is essentially exactly what they need right now (2nd ball handling wing) to take them into the playoffs, and his one year deal doesn’t preclude them from being players in free agency in 21-22. As an ascending team I think there is incentive for them to show some life this year as I think stars would be more apt to want to join a young playoff team with ascending stars as compared to a lottery team with ascending stars. If Hayward fits better than expected they’d have an inside track to an extension if he’s already on the team.
I’m not sold on this idea at all, and I waffle between it all the time, but I do find the idea to be highly intriguing. I love Hayward the player when he’s healthy, but he’s struggled to do so during his tenure here and I’m not sure I really want him in his mid-30’s here on an extension. I’ve been a big proponent of a win now strategy for the Celtics this year, and a trade like this runs to the contrary of that strategy, but I see it as a way the Celtics can usher in a 2nd wave of team building optionality like they’ve had in the past. To me it’s a sell now buy later approach as is compared to a pay now sell later approach.
tl;dr: If we trade Hayward into open cap space on a team like Atlanta we can dodge the luxury tax (resetting the repeater tax timeline), and generate a massive trade extension that would extend into 2021-2022 boosting our ability to add free agents via sign and trade or trade for existing players.
submitted by Ohanrahans to bostonceltics [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 17:49 CoffeeJavaAndStocks Piker Bot - Bot for Executing Swing and Day Trades

Reposting this, because I posted it at 2am and it got lost in new.
I had been sharing some of my progress with this here and here and after some thought, I decided to share all the code
Before we get started, I'm sharing this, because I don't actually think I am giving anyone else really an edge here and here's why:
So what is this then? It's my personal toy project you can use to learn from. I have some screenshots of me turning a tiny profit with it using 5 trade setups in the other thread and explain what the bot did or didn't do.
It's an attempt to turn trading into a sort of effortless game I play on my terms. Here is how I see it working:
  1. I spend about a hour and a half in the pre-market hours reviewing price action charts on different stocks, looking for solid short term setups, which I record in my trade journal in Google Drive.
  2. Once the market opens, I go to work on my software engineering gigs and the bot pulls down all my trades from the journal and execute them during the market hours.
  3. Once the market closes and I am done working, I can review my trade journal to see how the bot did and prepare for tomorrow.
The code for the bot can be found here. There is a in depth readme that's up to date as of the time of this post.
This is a repo with a bunch of supporting modules. It's installed by pip.
This is sort of my junk drawer for different stuff. I have a module called trades I use with the Python command line during pre-market to submit trades to my trade journal and do quick calculations I am too lazy to memorize.

Questions From the Other Threads From People

What language is this in?
All in Python, baby.
Can you teach me?
Oh no, you sweet summer child, you.
I taught myself a few months ago and... uh... you can, too, using a bunch of cheatsheets I wrote to help me learn.
How long did this take you?
One month to learn Python and two months to write the bot, part time. I had done most of my technical analysis 101 research before that. I am pretty good at what I do though and a top performer among my peers at work a lot of the time, so expect this to take much longer.
Why didn't you use an existing framework like Quantopian?
Because I am a software engineer and all my personal toy projects have to be as laborious as possible.
That might seem silly, but I've learned ssssoooo much about the workings of the stock market in the last three months by doing this. It's been quite fascinating.

Bot's Read Me File

Stock trading bot for executing swing trades or day trades based off price action while I work. The general idea I had here was to be able to load up a trade journal in my Google Drive with trade setups and then, have the bot execute them while I work my software engineering gigs.
This bot DOES NOT attempt to autonomously determine tickers, entry and exit prices on it's own. If it did, it won't be called a piker bot.
This is a very much an alpha work in progress personal project by a software engineer with a bad attitude. It's not for public consumption atm and I don't have a set of solid step by step readme instructions on how to run it. If you don't have a background in software development, this might be a bit much for you.



Configuration and Installation (that may or not work depending on how much coffee I've had)

Running the Bot

Docker Image

Run from the parent directory containing the project folder and the stock-libraries module. You need to have run it manually once to setup the credentials files for your Google Drive in the piker-bot folder. Be sure to alter the data folder in bot_configuration.py to point to the mounted folder for the container prior to building.
docker build -f piker-bot/Dockerfile -t piker-bot .
docker run --name piker_bot -d -v [PATH_TO_YOUR_DATA_FOLDER]:/valib/piker-bot piker-bot:latestEx: docker run --name piker_bot -d -v d:/development/docker-data:/valib/piker-bot piker-bot:latest

Running the Scripts Manually.

You can execute main-pulse.py to fire the heartbeat pulse once or run main-scheduler.py to activate the scheduler and begin pulsing the heartbeat every minute for an eternity. I've used these with windows task scheduler if you don't know docker, but its not as stable.
How do you set this up in windows tasks scheduler? If you can't google that and figure out, you really shouldn't be messing with this.


After the bot runs the first time, a Trade Journal will be created in the root of your Google Drive. It will have a Queued Trades sheet which the bot will pull from when it pulses every minute. It is recommended you fill out your trades before activating. Once trades are read, they cannot be altered without changing the bot's local sqlite database which means COMMIT to your trades lol.
Columns: Ticker Type - long or short. short is not supported right now Entry Price - float Exit Price - float Stop Loss - float Notes - Text. No '' or "". Expiration - Number of days to keep the trade queued trade before expiring it. Once a trade is opened, it remains open until sale conditions are met or the 'Sale at End of Day' flag is activated. Metadata - This is a json data set with technical indicators. It's submitted by the trades module in Stock Scripts. It's a work in progress. It doesn't do anything yet unless you want to read technical indicators out of json data. Sale at End of Day - If 1, sell at the close of the day the trade is opened. If 0, let the trade ride forever.
submitted by CoffeeJavaAndStocks to Daytrading [link] [comments]

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